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Seven Mountains agarwood products
Seven Mountain Company Ltd ® Vietnam is proud to manufacture, sell, and export products from certified trees and cultivated Agarwood. The Vietnam company is the first and only 2007 exporter of CITES certified cultivated Agarwood chips, powder, logs, incense sticks and agarwood oil. Products have been exported all over the world and particularly to Thailand, UAE, and the USA. Seven Mountain has exported certified high quality Aquilaria seeds with CITES permits to Australia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and other countries.

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  • Cultivated Agarwood end products; Aquilaria crassna, A. rugosa and A. chinensis incense, chips and powder and other fully certified CA products.
  • Certified high quality Aquilaria crassna seeds, exported with CITES permit and pytho sanitary certificate.
  • Sales and applications of CAKits in Vietnam.

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