About Us

Cultivated Agarwood is a group of individual companies located in various countries and connected to each other through common technology. The technology, developed at the University of Minnesota together with TRP Foundation is directed toward the production of Agarwood in an efficient, clean and sustainable manner.

Cultivated Agarwood Global Pte Ltd, 125 Verde View, Villa Verde, SINGAPORE (688719) is the exclusive licensee of the University of Minnesota technology. CALLC is engaged in licensing the technology globally with exclusive country licenses.

All licensed CAG companies offer for sale cultivation kits (CAKits), each company has its own unique focus. Some are focused on their own plantations, others are focused on serving investors and some are engaged in the production and distribution of cultivated Agarwood end products such as Agarwood chips, powder, logs, carvings, incense sticks and oil.

Seven Mountains Company, the Vietnamese licensee, is manufacturing CAkits, implementing on-going research and development and selling end products. Never before such products from plantations were of sufficiently high quality or legally exported. Current export markets of Seven Mountains include India, Japan and the USA. The exported product are fully certified by The Vietnamese Forestry Service, exported with CITES certificates and are covered by numerous patents, issued or pending, in the main producing and consuming countries.

CAKits ready for shipment.

CAKits ready for shipment.