CA Companies in 2017

2016 has been a good year for Cultivated Agarwood Ltd, with expansion/intensification to three countries. We now have CA representatives and exclusive distributors/licensees in The Peoples Republic of China, and new partners in Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea. (Please see our partner list for contact info.)

Likely developments in 2017 and beyond:

  • The international up and down stream cultivated agarwood product markets are growing and will continue to do so in future
  • The ongoing and unfortunate diminishing forest-based supplies in all native agarwood producing countries will continue almost unabated
  • CITES regulations have somewhat been adapted, however continue to be more of an obstacle to conservation than instrument to support maintaining genetic diversity, creates rent seeking and fraud, and is woefully ineffective in reducing illegal ex- and imports
  • New consumers and new players in both up and down stream development of cultivated agarwood will continue to increase, with new products using plantation based agarwood continue to enter the market; only a minority of CA producers will survive in the medium long-term
  • Consumers will likely become more knowledgeable, leading to an increased demand for certification and true, natural products [instead of increased use of synthetics] and very low grade agarwood products. This is very likely to influence the global agarwood market, which is expanding to countries and people who are relatively new to agarwood
  • Numerous large, mainstream, European and USA-based personal care companies have and will continue to enter the [Gulf] market and beyond, particularly with perfumes and colognes Almost all of these use only synthetics, or very low grade agarwood resin components   
  • Fraudulent investment schemes, poisonous or poorly performing Inducement technologies, and a general lack of transparency continues to cloud the agarwood/oud business
  • Overall we foresee a relatively stable market, and an increase in cultivated product use

Cultivated Agarwood is now operating from Singapore, where we have established Cultivated Agarwood Global Pte Ltd. Our Vietnam sister company, Seven Mountains Ltd, continues as usual, and will launch new products in 2017 and start intensive new CA oil manufacturing, and other product manufacturing, albeit on a small, exclusive scale in several countries.

On behalf of all of us at Cultivated Agarwood Companies, we wish you a wonderful scented 2017.

Henry Heuveling van Beek,
Director CA Companies



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  • Very selective, limited number of CA country agreements to protect our licensees and markets
  • High yields, at moderate costs, serving clients with very decent and profitable returns
  • Additional improvements to our CAKIT treatments increased effectiveness